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Relay Control Software, Serial Timer

For Domestic, Commercial or Industrial use.

Use Serial timer to easily communicate with external appliances on an RS232 connection.

Serial timer has powerful features similar to the timer software that Work with all types of serial ports, including USB adaptors, Wireless Device Servers or any virtual port.

This program is especially made to communicate with the k108, 108 and k108 multi drop relay boards via serial connection.

The program consists of 11 forms. A main form, 8 output forms, 1 input form and an settings form. The main form gives the status of all 8 outputs and 4 inputs. The location of each output and input can be altered on this form.

Each output form can be selected by the push-buttons marked 1 to 8 or the inputs can be selected by the push-button Inputs.

The main form can be minimized so that the user can do other tasks, and the timing program will still run in the background.

All output forms can be in ON, OFF or AUTO modes. When in AUTO the output will be on or off depending on the times selected. Only output 7 will work over the midnight period e.g. 11pm Friday to 2am Saturday, by selecting start and finish days. Output 8 can have up to 10 switching times within the 24hr period from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.

All outputs have an additional pulse timer from 1 second to 24 hours (set in minutes), on or off. The pulse will work regardless of the mode the form is in, ON, OFF or AUTO. The Inputs form can have up to 4 inputs. Inputs 1 & 2 can turn on or off outputs, if outputs are in AUTO mode. Input 3 can turn on or off outputs for a set time, if the outputs are in AUTO mode. Inputs 4 can play a selected sound (.wave file) in windows\media and c:\timer.

Same as Timer program with additional pulse timer in minutes on each output form. Has also Master control on Main form. Access to serial com ports only. Works on 2000, NT and XP.

To install this program for Windows 7 or 8. Download the program from our website, Right click the .exe file and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab. Check Run this program in compatibility mode for and select an appropriate option. Select "windows XP Service Pack 3".


Can be used for : 5 min on, 3 hrs off, 5 min on, 3 hrs off, etc. cycling continuously

Can be used for : 10 secs on, 60 min off, 10 secs on, 60 min off, etc. cycling continuously

Can be used for : 60 min on, 240 min off, 60 min on, 240 min off, etc. cycling continuously

Serial Timer pricing scheme offers great features and great value

  • 30 Day trial with full features.

  • Renewal option for 6 months saving $40, with great value for short term use.

  • Renewal option for 12 months saving $35, with great value for short term use.

      Renewal for 6 Months at $9.95

      Renewal for 12 Months at $14.95

      Purchase full version for $49.95


Download Serial Timer

If using the K108U - Dual K108 Upgrade, we have Dual Serial Timer for download. This software controls 16 outputs and 4 inputs. The Dual K108U upgrade enables 2 K108 boards to be connected together, with 16 outputs controlled by software from the serial port. Also works with the CK1610U relay boards.

You don't need to modify or add anything to your computer by using this software. A cable plugs directly into your serial or communications port.  This software communicates with the KTM-108, k108, 108 and k108 multi drop relay boards via serial connection. Also works with the CK1610 relay board.

A Serial Digital Input and Output Controller  (Carl's Electronics USA )supplied fully assembled in a high quality plastic case can be purchased or for just a kit for DIY - K108 KIT or Ozitronics

K108 Serial Digital Input and Output Controller In Box Assembled

Serial Port Relay Control Board

This is a list of locations that can supply the K108 serial port to relay board

Electronics123 USA , Carl's Electronics USA  , Ozitronics Located in Australia , Qkits Canadian ,

Quasar Electronics Located in the UK , VOTI Located in The Netherlands

Mantech Electronics | Suntronika Located in South Africa


 A 12VDC power source such as a 12VDC 450mA plug pack is required to operate the relays.  


To download:

1. Download Serial Timer from this site.


How to purchase full version:

1. Download trial version, install and test.

2. Visit Regnow at the link below to instantly purchase through a secure website and download the unlock code

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