What sort of hardware and software do I need to use for this program?

These are compatible boards for the parallel port software, however there may be more from different companies that will still work.

KT-5165A PC Printer Port Relay, Kit74 and KV 3590. For pictures of the relay boards Kit74, KV 3590, printer cable and wiring diagrams go to the gallery.

Electronic kits or electronics123. Suitable for Timer, Timer (pulses in seconds), Timer (pulses in minutes), Timer (multiple switching's), Timer (Multiple Switchings_3 Ports).

This assembled kit can also be purchased from Electronics123

Assembled or in kit form these will need a power supply and a printer cable.

Suitable for Serial Timer

A Serial Digital Input and Output Controller  (Carl's Electronics USA )supplied fully assembled in a high quality plastic case can be purchased.

For just a kit for DIY - K108 KIT or Ozitronics


Suitable for Serial Timer USB

Relayduino USB/RS485 IO Module 12VDC from Ocean Controls

8 Channel USB Relay from Pencom


Electronic Kits  (Parallel Port Relay Board)